Choose from our THREE amazing marketing packages!


Group Workshops

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer will facilitate Group Workshops which are affordable and provide a sense of community amongst all participating small business owners. Three or more participants can join any two hour Group Workshop and obtain the condensed SCREAM YOUR DREAM Program as well as our Marketing ToolkitAll sessions must be pre-booked.

$250 per Dreamer

(minimum of 3 Dreamers per workshop)

One-on-One Training Sessions 

Connect with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer for a two hour intense “one-on-one” Marketing Training Session. Rumer will review your current promotional program, provide you with detailed presentations, worksheets and tools for you to begin connecting with your individual customers immediately. The sessions are held either face-to-face, via Skype or conference call and are specific to your business or project.You will receive the condensed SCREAM YOUR DREAM Program as well as our Marketing Toolkit. All sessions must be pre-booked.

$550 per Dreamer

4 Week Online Marketing Course 

Our SCREAM YOUR DREAM Marketing Program is a 4-week, digital, online course created to assist Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Independent Sales Professionals in building business, driving sales, generating awareness.

This course offers students the opportunity to learn useful and practical tactics that will aid them in engaging with their ideal consumers and clients in a cost-effective yet aggressive way. Students will leave this course with the Full SCREAM YOUR DREAM ProgramMarketing Toolkit, detailed video presentations, interactive worksheets, daily social media plan, email marketing strategy, business marketing voice/evaluator pitch and a comprehensive marketing plan (upon completion) – all that can be used to assist them in reaching their short and long term business goals.

$1,500 per Dreamer

These courses are part of the SCREAM YOUR DREAM Program and Event Series produced by i-g creative.

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