Have You Created Your 2018 Marketing Plan?

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 Let’s do it together!!!

Join me on Saturday, December 2nd to Create Your 2018 Marketing Plan during our fun-filled #BUSINESSBRUNCH.

I want to make sure you are prepared for the NEW YEAR! During this 3-hour event we will cover ADVERTISING, PUBLIC RELATIONS, ONLINE MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA, PERSONAL BRANDING and more…

Through interactive workshops you will gain the skills you need to create a realistic and measurable marketing plan for your business, project or organization.

  • Full Brunch with Breakfast Bar
  • Formal Guest Introductions and Business Card Exchange
  • 3-Hour Instructed Workshop
  • Expert Guest Instructors
  • Scream Your Dream Signature Gift Bag
  • Completed 2018 “First Quarter” Marketing Plan


Hosted by Cheldin Barlatt Rumer